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WVR BVBY ‎– WVR BVBY - natural selection vinyl records


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Melbourne, Australia 8-piece WVR BVBY unveil a meditational
jazz odyssey on their debut self-titled album.

WVR BVBY is the next link in the chain to the Melbourne
soulful sound that has been developing strongly over the past
decade. They create cinematic sounds through roaring horns,
synth arpeggiation and a rhythm section that sways from
meditative grooves to dramatic, complex rhythmic interplay
with tight precision.

Recorded at Fitzroy’s Plug Seven Studios, The 8 track LP was
inspired by mixture of crate digger culture and 70s production
techniques, recorded in one take sessions using direct
to tape technology.

The name WVR BVBY (pronounced WAR BABY) has a special
connection to the leader of the 8 piece ensemble,
Carl Lindeberg who plays bass. The story goes that Lindeberg's
parents first met and fell in love in the war torn Middle East
during the Gulf War, and the result of that union was
Lindeberg himself.

The album is the sophomore release of independent label
Plug Seven Records, run by Plug Seven Records store and
studio owner, Ari Roze.

Be prepared to be taken on a mesmerising journey.

"Perhaps the most beautifully deep new release I've heard this year"
Jeremy Sole (KCRW / Worldwide FM - Los Angeles)

"Very talented new Melbourne group that blew my mind when I saw them doing their thing live! Highly recommended!"
Danilo Plessow (Motor City Dum Ensemble)

"Good music usually makes itself feel familiar whilst still exciting, new and fresh. Melbourne's WVR BVBY certainly prove this through these 8 sumptuous pieces of music, cementing their place firmly into the landscape of one of the worlds most innovative music cities today."
Miles Cleret (Soundway) 


released April 21, 2018

Carl Lindeberg - Bass Guitar, SH09 + SH101
Joseph Orton - Guitar + Pocket Piano
Phoebe Elsworth - Rhodes
Nelson Piccin - Drums
Tommy Harrison - Drums [A2 + A3]
Harry Cooper - Tenor Saxophone [A2, A3, A4, B1 + B3] + Flute [A1]
Jon Dinapoil - Tenor Saxophone [B2 + B4]
Stephen Brookes - Tenor Saxophone [A1]
Nathaniel Sametz - Trombone
Charlie Woods - Trumpet
Erica Tucceri - Flute [A2, A3, A4 + B]
Joel Trigg - SH101 [B1]
Choir on B1; Harmony Byrne, Danika Smith, Anita Chorowicz + Shanti Lane

Arranged by:

Written By:
Carl Lindeberg [A1, A3, A4, B1, B2 + B3]
Joseph Orton [B4]
Phoebe Elsworth [A2]

Recorded late 2016 - 2017 Collingwood Melbourne
Plug Seven Studios
Neve console / Agfa PEM 468 / Big 44BX in the middle.
Engineers: Ari Roze & Carl Lindeberg
Producer - Carl Lindeberg
Mixed: Andy Stewart. Nick Herrera & Lukas Glickman
Mastered & Cut: Dubplate and Matering
Pressed: Optimal Media