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Various ‎– The Real Sound Of Chicago - natural selection vinyl records

Various ‎– The Real Sound Of Chicago

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Unless you're eating a really good steak, rareness, ipso facto, doesn't equal quality. That doesn't mean hidden gems don't exist, but at this late date, an area as heavily mined as disco isn't exactly studded with diamonds in the rough. Not to mention that the further along these excavations go, the less glittery the results. Exhibit A: this new compilation, two CDs compiled by Mark Grusane and Mike Cole, who own Chicago's Mr. Peabody's Records. 

On paper, it's obvious why The Real Sound of Chicago might be appealing. Covering the period between disco's late-'70s peak and the mid-'80s rise of the house music that would enshrine the city as one of modern dance culture's spiritual homes, Chicago had as busy a local indie-label R&B and disco scene as any center of black American life. But few of Grusane and Cole's selections have much to recommend them other than the thrill of obscurity.