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Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records
Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records
Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records
Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records
Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records
Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records
Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records
Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+) - natural selection vinyl records

Various - The Big Broadcast 1932-1982 (2xLP) (VG+)

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Format: 2xLP
Label: ABC Records (3)
Genre: Non-Music
Style: Dialogue, Political, Radioplay, Comedy, Public Service Announcement, Speech
Media Condition: Very Good Plus (VG+)
Sleeve Condition: Very Good (VG)
Released: 1982
Country: Australia

Released in a gatefold sleeve.

This album puts into permanent form one of the major broadcasts celebrating the ABC's 50th anniversary on July 1, 1982. The Big Broadcast is a montage of sounds from the past 50 years of Australia's broadcasting history.
It is presented by one of the ABC's best known news announcers; James Dibble. Naturally our broadcasting history intersects with that of the BBC and occasionally American broadcasting, and the record will reflect this with overseas material. The album is divided into 4 parts:1932-1939 which covers the pioneering years of the ABC; 1940-1945, the turmoil of the second world-war 1945-1960 post war development and reconstruction; and 1960-1982 a time of rock n' roll, advances in science and technology, and social and political change.
We hope you enjoy this selection of sounds from your past, as we celebrate 50 years of ABC broadcasting.

Track List:
A1. ABC Announcer Con Charlton On First Day Of Transmission 1.7.1932
A2. ABC Military Band Conducted By Stephen Yorke
A3. Writtle Calling By BBC Announcer P.P. Eckersley
A4. Art Leonard - Banish The Budget Blues
A5. The Rt. Hon. J.A. Lyons New Year's Message 12.12.1934
A6. Art Leonard - Lone Girl Flyer
A7. Prince Henry, Duke Of Gloucester, Inauguration Speech Of First Flight Airmail Plane From Australia To England 10.12.1934
A8. Mascot Airport After Record Breaking Solo Flight From England 13.10.1936
A9. Let's Take A Trip To Melbourne
A10. Prince Henry, Duke Of Gloucester - Message From King George V For Melbourne Centenary, 1934
A11. Big Ben Chimes
A12. H.M. King George V, Silver Jubilee Message To Empire, London, 6.5.1935
A13. Love Will Find A Way
A14. Death Of H.M. King George V, Announcement By Sir John Reith, London, 21.1.1936
A15. The Day Thou Gavest Lord Is Ended
A16. The Rt. Hon. J.A. Lyons: Message To The People Of Australia On The Death Of King George V
A17. Announcer Howard Marshall Describes Scenes In London At Time Of Funeral Of King George V, 28.1.1936
A18. News Bulletin: Germany Re-occupies The Rhineland. Announcer Freddy Grisewood, Hitler 7.3.1936
A19. Abdication Speech By H.M. King Edward VIII, 11.12.1936
A20. Land Of Hope And Glory
A21. Hitler Announces Opening Of Berlin Olympic Games: Speech Followed By Singing Of Olympic Hymn, Conducted By Richard Strauss, 1.8.1936
A22. The Rt. Hon. William Morris Hughes Promoting Australia's 150th Anniversary Celebrations, Sydney, 29.10.1937
A23. Cricketer Donald Bradman (Now Sir Donald) After Final Match With Britain For The Ashes, Melbourne, 7.3.1937
A24. Sir Charles Moses Talks To Dame Lotte Lehmann About Her Visit To Australia To Sing Opera, Perth 24.6.1937
A25. Dame Lotte Lehmann - Air De Leonore From Fidelio
A26. News Bulletin: Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain's Visit To Berchtesgaden, Germany To See Hitler, 14.9.1938
A27. News Bulletin: Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain At German Airport After His Meeting With Hitler, Munich, 16.9.1938
A28. The Rt. Hon. Sir Earl Page Conveys News Of Death Of The Rt. Hon. J.A. Lyons To The Nation, 1939
A29. The Rt. Hon. R.G. Menzies After Becoming Prime Minister, 1939
A30. Patriotic German Song
A31. The Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain Brings An Assurance Of Peace With Germany At Heston Airport, England, 30.9.1938
A32. BBC News Bulletin: Lionel Marson Announces Invasion Of Poland, 1.9.1939
A33. BBC News Bulletin: The Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain Announces That Britain Is At War With Germany, 3.9.1939
A34. The Rt. Hon. R.G. Menzies Announces That Australia Is At War With Germany, 3.9.1939
A35. Hitler: Soldiers Marching And Singing
B1. On To Victory, War Time Propaganda Music 1940
B2. Colonel Britton (Douglas Ritchie) On The V For Victory Call Sign, 31.7.1941
B3. London Philharmonic Orchestra - Allegro Con Brio - Beethoven's 5th Symphony In C Minor Op. 67
B4. BBC Commentator Charles Gardner On Cliffs Of Dover Describes A 'Dogfight' Between British And German Planes, 14.7.1940
B5. The Rt. Hon. Neville Chamberlain: Resignation Speech, 10.5.1940
B6. Air Raid Siren
B7. The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill: 'This Was Their Finest Hour' Speech, 18.6.1940
B8. Vera Lynn - The White Cliffs Of Dover
B9. H.R.H. The Princess Elizabeth And The Princess Margaret Speak To Children Abroad: Official Broadcast To Empire, 1940
B10. The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill: Speech In Support Of Australia's War Loan Campaign, 16.4.1941
B11. Fall In Brother (Lt. Jim Davidson, Conductor ABC Dance Band With Vocal Chorus, AIF Entertainment Unit)
B12. President Franklin D. Roosevelt Asks The US Congress To Declare War On Japan After Pearl Harbour, 1941
B13. The Rt. Hon. John Curtin Declares War On Japan, 8.12.1941
B14. Who'll Put The 'I' In The AIF (Lt. Jim Davidson, Conductor ABC Dance Band With Vocal Chorus, AIF Entertainment Unit)
B15. The Rt. Hon. John Curtin Warns The Nation Of Sterner Times Ahead, 8.12.1941
B16. The Rt. Hon. John Curtin Announces The Fall Of Singapore, 15.2.1942
B17. The Rt. Hon. John Curtin Speaks To Nation After Japanese Attack On Darwin, 17.2.1942
B18. Excerpt From Munition Broadcast 'They Also Serve', 20.11.1942
B19. Excerpt From 'They Also Serve', Featuring Female Munitions Worker. Recorded Adelaide, 20.11.1942
B20. Gert And Daisie (Elise And Doris Waters) - Song Promoting War-time Rationing
B21. ABC News Bulletin Read By Heath Burdock, Mass Slaughter Of Jews In Europe, 25.11.1942
B23. ABC News Bulletin On Progress Of War In The Middle East, 5.12.1942
B24. General Montgomery, Private Speech To 8th Army Officers Before El Alamein, 13.8.1942
B25. Gunfire, Lilli Marlene Sung In German
B26. ABC War-time Correspondent Chester Wilmot Talks In The Field To 'Popeye', An Australian Soldier At Tobruk
B27. Out Of The Bag, ABC Entertainment Show Featuring Wilfrid Thomas, Jim Davidson And His ABC Dance Band
B28. News Bulletin, BBC Announcer John Snagge Announces D-Day Landings On Normandy Coast, 6.6.1944
B29. Air Commodore Hellmore Describes Scene From A Mitchell Bomber Over The Normandy Coast, D-Day 6.6.1944
B30. General Dwight D. Eisenhower Reports On D-Day Landings, 6.6.1944
B31. Dick Bentley With George Trevare And His Dance Orchestra - Der Fuehrer's Face
B32. ABC War-time Correspondent Chester Wilmot Describes Crossing Of The Rhine At Riesa By 51st Highland Division, 1945
B33. BBC World Service Announcement, Hitler Is Dead, 1.5.1945
B34. ABC War-time Correspondent, Sir Charles Moses, Account Of the Bombing Of Wessel, Germany 25.3.1945
B35. Sing As We Go
B36. BBC News Bulletin, Stuart Hibberd Announces Berlin Has Fallen, 2.5.1945
B37. BBC News Bulletin, Stuart Hibberd Announces Cessation Of Hostilities In Europe, 8.5.1945
B38. The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill Announces The Signing Of Unconditional Surrender To The Allied Expeditionary Force, 8.5.1945
B39. Comedy Item From AIF Concert In Tobruk 1941 Referring To the Relief Of The 9th Division
B40. ABC News Bulletin: A Complaint About The 'Kid Glove' Treatment Of Nazi Official, Herman Goering, 16.5.1945
B41. I'm Very Very Australian
B42. The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill: Speech To The Nation Concerning War With Japan, 8.5.1945
B43. President Harry S. Truman Announces The Dropping Of Atomic Bomb On Hiroshima, 6.8.1945
B44. Chaplain William Downing Delivers A Prayer For The Safety Of US Pilots Before Dropping Atom Bomb On Hiroshima, 6.8.1945
B45. Atom Bomb Explosion
B46. Dame Vera Lynn - When The Lights Go On Again
C1. Prisoners Of War Return To Adelaide From Singapore. Description By Reg Neal, 21.9.1945
C2. Excerpts From Trials Of Nazi War Criminals At Nuremburg, November 1945
C3. ABC Hit Parade - ABC Entertainment Show With Jim Gussey And The ABC Dance Band
C4. ABC's First Broadcast From The House Of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra, 10.7.1946
C5. The Rt. Hon. Winston Churchill: Excerpt From Lecture 'Russia - The Iron Curtain', 5.3.1946
C6. 'Radio Rodeo' ABC Rural Dramatic Series Recorded In South Australia By Stafford Dyson, 28.7.1947
C7. 'Bee In A Bonnet' ABC Program. Reg Neal Interviews Mrs Catherine King, Presenter Of The Women's Session In WA, 3.6.1947
C8. Concerto In Jazz - Melbourne 1948
C9. Dr H.V. Evatt, President Of The General Assembly, Announces The Voting On The United Nations Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, 10.12.1948
C10. The Rt. Hon. William Morris Hughes Talks About The White Australia Policy, 22.4.1949
C11. Arunta Aboriginal Religious Service At Hermannsburg Mission, SA Recorded By Lucien May, 8.8.1951. Interview With Dr J.J. Stolz, President Of The Evangelical Lutheran Church
C12. President Harry S. Truman Announces Invasion Of South Korea, June 1950
C13. Dick Bentley And Jim Gussey - 'Gently Bently' - ABC Comedy Program With The ABC Show Band, 14.9.1951
C14. The Rt. Hon. J.B. Chifley: Election Speech About The Labour Party's Attitude To Communism, 24.4.1951
C15. US Senator J. McCarthy Talks About Communism, 1952
C16. Governor Adlai Stevenson And President Harry S. Truman Comment On Communism
C18. The Rt. Hon. R.G. Menzies Announces The Death Of King George VI, 6.2.1952
C19. Recognition Fanfare, Conducted By Wing Commander J.L. Wallace
C20. Coronation Of H.M. Elizabeth II, By The Archbishop Of Canterbury In Westminster Abbey, 2.6.1953
C21. Sir Edmund Hilary Talks About His Successful Climb Of Mt Everest With His Guide Tensing, 1953
C22. ABC Announcer Bruce Webber: H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Arrives In Australia, 3.2.1954
C23. Response By Woman Spectator Amongst Australian Crowds Welcoming H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, 1954
C24. H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Talks To the Nation On Arrival In Australia, 1954
C25. Operation 'Wombat', Announcement Of First Trial Of Atomic Weapon In Australia, 1955
C26. Fred'The Fred Hartley Show', Announced By Arthur Wyndham, 10.1.1955
C27. H.R.H. The Duke Of Edinburgh Opens The Olympic Games In Melbourne, 22.11.1956
C28. Betty Cuthbert Wins Women's 100 Metres At The Melbourne Olympics , 1956
C29. ABC Announcer Michael Carlton Announces The Opening Night Of ABC Television In Australia, 2.11.1956
C30. 'The Argonauts': ABC Children's Program With Mac, Barbara And Jimmy
C31. Andrea Talks To Sir Robert Helpmann
C32. Premier Of NSW, J.J. Cahill, Talks About The Opening Of the Opera House, 7.8.1957
C33. Excerpt From A Speech By Sir Ian Clunies Ross On The Problem Of Rabbits In Australia, 23.12.1958
C34. Idiot Weekly: An ABC Comedy Program Featuring Spike Milligan And Michael Eisdell, 30.6.1959
C35. Russian Premier Krushchev's Visit To The USA To Meet President Eisenhower, Summer 1959
C36. That'll Be The Day
D1. Telstar
D2. President J.F. Kennedy Talks About Landing A Man On The Moon, 25.5.1961
D3. Announcement That Major Yuri Gagarin, A Russian Cosmonaut, Is The First Man In Space, 12.4.1961
D4. Dr Martin Luther King, Black Civil Rights Leader, 28.8.1963
D5. An American Reporter Describes The Scene Of The Assassination Of President J.F. Kennedy, 22.11.1963
D6. Funeral Ceremony For President J.F. Kennedy, 25.11.1963
D7. Love Me Do
D8. The Rt. Hon. Sir R.G. Menzies's Speech Of Welcome To H.M. Queen Elizabeth II At Parliament House Reception, Canberra, 19.2.1963
D9. , 23.8.1962
D10. Decimal Currency Jingle: Commercial Publicising The Changeover From Sterling To Decimal Currency, 14.2.1966
D11. President Lyndon Johnson's Speech At Luncheon Given In His Honour At Parliament House, Canberra, 21.10.1966
D12. The Ballad Of The Green Berets
D13. First Public National Service Ballot, 10.3.1965
D14. ABC News Bulletin: Disappearance Of The Prime Minister Harold Holt, 18.12.1966
D15. 'Bring'Em Home'. Conscientious Objector, Simon Townsend, At A Sydney Anti-Vietnam Demonstration, 1969
D16. Landing Of The First Men On the Moon (Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin And Michael Collins). American Astronauts Talk To Houston, USA, 21.7.1969
D17. Universal Soldier
D18. Richard Neville Talks About 'Playpower' And Youth Culture, 1970
D19. Germaine Greer Talks About A Women's Revolution, 19.1.1972
D20. 'It's Time': Australian Labor Party Election Campaign Jingle, 1972
D21. LHoeader Of The Federal Opposition, The Hon. E.G. Whitlam, Delivers Campaign Speech For The ALP, Blacktown Civic Centre, Sydney, 13.11.1972
D22. 'Pop Scene On A Monday': ABC Pop Music Program With Announcer Richard Combe
D23. President R. Nixon Speaks About Involvement Of His Staff In The Watergate Scandal, 1.5.1973
D24. The Long And Winding Road
D25. President R. Nixon Resigns, 9.8.1974
D26. ABC News Bulletin Read By Kevin Chapman: Surrender Of South Vietnam, 30.4.1975
D27. Opening Broadcast Of ABC's First Rock Music Station, 2JJ, 19.1.1975
D28. The Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser Speaks About The Right Of Government To Govern For Three Years, Unless There Are Extraordinary Circumstances, 21.3.1975
D29. ABC News Bulletin Read By Peter Young: Dismissal Of The Prime Minister, The Hon. E.G. Whitlam By The Governor-General And The Double Dissolution Of Parliament, 11.11.1975
D30. The Governor-General's Secretary Reads The Proclamation Dissolving Both Houses Of Parliament: Whitlam Responds, 11.11.1975
D31. The Rt. Hon. Malcolm Fraser Speaking As Caretaker Prime Minister, 28.11.1975
D32. Living In The Seventies
D33. Opening Broadcast Of the 'Coming Out Show', ABC Women's Program. Announcer Gillian Waite, 8.3.1975
D34. Official Announcement From NASA Headquarters In Texas Of Return Of US Spacecraft Skylab To Earth In WA, 1979
D35. Dr Patrick Steptoe Interview Following Birth Of World's First 'Test-Tube' Baby
D36. 'Fanfare' - Broadcast Of The Royal Wedding Ceremony Of H.R.H. The Prince Charles And The Lady Diana Spencer, St Paul's Cathedral, 30.7.1981
D37. ABC Report On The Australian Meat Substitution Scandal: Reporter Jeff McMullen, 13.8.1981
D38. Nationalistic Fervour Of Argentinians About The Falklands Islands Crisis, 11.4.1982
D39. The Rt. Hon. Margaret Thatcher Announces That There Are 'White Flags' Over Port Stanley, House Of Commons, 15.6.1982
D40. Tracey Wickham Takes Oath For All Competing Athletes At Commonwealth Games, Brisbane, 1982
D41. Sir Richard Boyer, Former Chairman Of The ABC, 4.7.1957

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