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Trujillo, Cisco Cisco, Kiss Me Again ‎– UNTITLED 01 - natural selection vinyl records

Trujillo, Cisco Cisco, Kiss Me Again ‎– UNTITLED 01

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The Apersonal maestros offer up a selection of varied, on-point edits that reflect the wider scope of what the label is all about. Trujillo is up first, taking Robbie Ellington's "Don't Cry" to emotive new heights, before Cisco Cisco have some fun with the "Shaft" theme tune. The Portuguese duo fly in some cosmic flourishes to shape out the dancefloor prowess of this timeless crowd pleaser. KMA tackles "Storm" by Rare Silk, stretching out the illustrious instrumental flow of this dreamy Balearic roller to become a thing of beauty. With respectful approaches to the source material and enough personality in their styles to make it a worthwhile exercise, the Apersonal crew excel themselves on this release. Credit to the edit!