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SHLM ‎– Amaiti - natural selection vinyl records

SHLM ‎– Amaiti

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SHLM is back delivering the goods with the fourth instalment of Pacem. A mysterious project, not delivering much information except of “Mesopotamian beats for peace”. Peace is written on each side of the vinyl, one in Hebrew and one in Arabic, respectively Shalom and Salam.

We kick off the release on the A side with “A. 4שלום”. Similar to SHLM’s previous releases on Pacem, this track has a very engaging, loopy, minimal structure to it, with plenty of very well integrated trippy layers.

On the B side, we have “4سلما”, another minimalistic release with a very crafty sound palette that many would associate with Ricardo Villalobos’ type of production. Slowly progressing, this track also introduces us to many different trippy sounds, almost sounding like someone chanting, however merging them with a deep synth and an increasing kick structure, giving this release a very soulful, yet upbeat jam.