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SeHou ‎– Heure Verte - natural selection vinyl records

SeHou ‎– Heure Verte

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On their fifth release, Back To You goes digging around through analogue sounds and comes back with ample dirt beneath its fingers. This is dusty house that could have originated at any point along the US/European axis as it crosses the Atlantic.

The producer Sehou originates from Italy, putting just enough on show, with a keen sense of rhythm that stokes the imagination. All three originals are stripped back examples of a producer simply pushing the limits of his gear. This EP will find favour with DJs looking for straight ahead grooves that pack a punch yet have an authenticity that will find the 12" being laid down again and again.

On the remix duties are 3 heads that have stayed true to the true house sound without needing to rely on established centres of power such as London or Berlin. It's fitting then that another producer seeking to do his own thing away from the beaten track is recruited. Irishman John Daly completes the package.

The young producer takes things dreamy on L'Heure Verte. Dirty kicks roll off a fuzzed up pulse, bouncing around before a floaty melody chimes through. Added in are whispered vocals that create a perfect contrast to the rugged drums.

Galway based John Daly adds layer upon layer to large, floating chords. Working in his own expert synth work and reigning in the drums he drops
a stylish reworking that will work as well while absorbed horizontally as vertically.

B side clandestine is an untreated exercise in restraint and rhythm. Subtle drum programming creates a shuffling groove, while displaced vocals create the space to place emphasis on the relentless intent of the track.

Rounding off the package, PF1901 is the dirtiest of the lot, strictly for club use. It pits knackered drums against a grainy bass line, creating a disjointed lurching groove. Stark yet absorbing the track serves up hedonism by the bucket load.

And digital only release the collective efforts of label bosses Dudley Strangeways, Sam Ryan and Rahool add a slice of bounce, with a helping of sub bass to help twist an extra dimension out of the melodic elements of L'Heure Verte. Managing to focus it they create a hypnotic number that builds in energy with each cycle.