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Sartorial / Moodena ‎– Tropical Disco Records Volume Six - natural selection vinyl records

Sartorial / Moodena ‎– Tropical Disco Records Volume Six

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Brothers in disco Moodena & Sartorial take the helm for the imprint's sixth outing, packing another constellation of deep feeling, classy edits.

It's evident how musically informed the label-heads are, once again mastering the art of transmuting vintage US sound palettes into contemporary dancefloor missiles for 'Tropical Disco Edits Vol.6'.

Opener, Sartorial's 'Just For You' sets a colourful scene, bringing infectious bongos tickling from below. The breakdown is a righteous, hair-raising incline, eventually plummeting you into slinky vocals and extended strings that are as emotive as they are hedonistic.

The game is in the name on 'Sweet Music', The bongos, kicks and shakers tracing out a clean, spacious groove. Nifty effects feature more than usual, bringing a raucous sense of energy to the track.

Infamous party starter Moodena takes control on the flip with the records real highlight 'Jupiter Rising', a divine gospel of modern soul, penetrated with the artist's signature emphatic drums. Piano and vocals conspire to elicit a bubbling sense of wide-eyed optimism, perfect for beating those autumnal blues.

'Boogie Monsta' closes off the release, pitching it down a couple, Moodena conjures visions of a rodeo showdown at 3am in a bourbon-drenched Texan saloon.