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Rrose x Bob Ostertag ‎– Motormouth Variations - natural selection vinyl records

Rrose x Bob Ostertag ‎– Motormouth Variations

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2015 reissue on Eaux with a new sleeve design** Bob Ostertag and Rrose's hugely anticipated 'Motormouth Variations' lands on 2xLP, and it's a beauty. After initiating Phase 3 of Sandwell District's evolution with 'Primary Evidence' we're privy to the full thrust of their experiments, combining a moiré of Ostertag's Buchla 200E modular synth research with undulating triplets and fluid rhythms programmed by Rrose. These six tracks together form some of the most refined and engrossing electronics we've encountered all year, luring us into a subtly shifting vortex of hydraulic pulsations and churning synth sequences spanning robust Techno, oval-shaped steppers and the purest sinewave sequencing. Two versions of 'Pointillism' provide the highest grade dancefloor material, dissolving rhythms into mercurial waves of modular synth with a proper psychedelic potency, while the two variations of 'Arms And Legs' work to craftier avant-Dubstep agendas with snares on-the-third over quasi-speed subs. Almost needless to say, it's highly recommended.