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Roza Terenzi ‎– Worldwide EP - natural selection vinyl records

Roza Terenzi ‎– Worldwide EP

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Have you ever wondered what it sounds like to pack late night influences and dancefloor memories from Northern Hemisphere touring into your luggage, take it home to a sunburnt island and let it sweat out a bit more in the studio Us neither. To be honest, I don't think anyone has really pondered such a Bizarro concept.

Nevertheless, Roza Terenzi's EP 'The Worldwide' on the inaugural Bizarro Records release is just that. A continental cross section of sounds and moods that always manages to keep a fist firmly pumping in seemingly eternal rave aesthetic.

'50 Millionaire' begins as a rare trip to the tropics with some fluttering synths and balearic pads, however the weather takes a quick turn back to familiar Roza surroundings with an unforgiving kick and grinding baseline stabs. Rhythmically this is one of her most audacious efforts yet. A track that bangs just as easy on a badass system as it would on a banana lounge.

For the title track 'Worldwide', Terenzi invites listeners out on a charter with an initial melody that could hook the strongest that the sea had to offer. The instantly familiar hook is met with a classic breaks structure and some understated warm chords that carry the cut safely back to shore.

Remixes for the EP come from fellow Ozzie don Rings Around Saturn and 90's revivalist Luca Lozano. Whilst not surprising, yet always impressive Rings Around Saturn once again flips an original on its head. The Melburnian takes '50 Millionaire' on a trip across the channel and provides those unpredictable UK patterns and flare. If making a 'balaeric stepper' was possible, this is what it would sound like. For 'Worldwide', The Klasse Wrecks king, builds a standard ravey stab into a melody that makes the inner hardcore in us all warm and fuzzy. Whilst it may not be anything novel, it sticks to its contagious Luca Lozano DNA of acidic, anthemic and euphoric.