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Planet Asia ‎– The Grand Opening - natural selection vinyl records

Planet Asia ‎– The Grand Opening

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Planet Asia is a very talented MC hailing from the Freson area of California although is flow is more east coast, almost Wu-Tang on certain cuts (Track #6)All in all, it is a very solid CD. A good 6 or 7 songs you will really enjoy. His underground roots show through as amateurish on some tracks such as Paper Up which just doesn't come off as polished at all. The top songs are all bangers though:

Right or Wrong: Excellent beat and smooth flow by PA

Real Niggaz: Asia holds his own with Ghostface, great song

Pure Coke: Wutang type flow over a Cali-type beat, blends well

Upside Down: Showcases his storytelling ability, solidifies his talent as a well rounded MC,not something every underground MC can pull off

Summertime in the City: Seems like Asia almost had a hard time finding his flow but I just love it as a kick back joint.