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Lay Down The Groove 4 - Down Under - natural selection vinyl records

Lay Down The Groove 4 - Down Under

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Lay Down The Groove is honoured to present its 4th record, named “Down Under”, which is the first of the new Split Series.
This time, the label keeps focusing on the blooming Latin American scene and keeps working with close friends.

On side A, LDG owners open the record with “We were one”, an electro piece that combines a sticky synth with melancholic arpeggios and deep pads. Following "Aloof from it”, a dancefloor-oriented banger, characterised by strong chords and breaks. Both tracks were recorded in Bogota, Colombia between late 2017 and along 2018, and mixed in Melbourne, Australia in 2019.

On side B, the Argentinian Dj Braver delivers "Pick Phunk”, a deep track with a funky bassline that fits perfectly with the chords that pop from left to right creating an amazing and hypnotic groove. Closing the record, the Colombian artist Junn, who was part of our last digital release, presents “Apura”, a blend of solid beats and synths that turns into glitch sounds through the track from beginning to end.