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LASTRACK - Plan à trois - natural selection vinyl records

LASTRACK - Plan à trois

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There's some conflicting information on the SoundCloud page for Lastrack's Plan À Trois EP. References to ambient, trap, AFX, breakbeats, "#Future" and a resort city in Thailand all seem at odds with each other, and the awkward cover image doesn't offer any helpful frame of reference. In fact, the record's four tracks do reflect most of these ideas, some more explicitly than others. The jazzy drums and lilting flutes that make "Sweet Vanilla" such a nice bit of airy electronica have nothing to do with "Zdry Connexion"'s mess of pitched-down voices, omnipresent subs and zig-zagging arps. 

One thing Plan À Trois's tracks have in common is how much they want to subvert—or, from the sound of it, destroy—genre. "Clairette To Die" seethes and writhes in a liminal zone between dubstep, noise and hip-hop, while "Kyle Aux Rennes" is even more violent with its merging of trap beats and breakcore nonsense. Whoever Lastrack is, their attempt at treating electronic music like a funhouse for staging twisted hijinks is at least admirable. But with a bit more refinement, they might come up with more memorable gags than these.