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Kaytranada ‎– 99.9% - natural selection vinyl records

Kaytranada ‎– 99.9%

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If you aren't familiar with the work of Kaytranada, you must have been living under a rock with no internet connection for the last few years. 

Celestin makes a warm mix of classic hip-hop, disco and soul, and the smoothness of it all feels like an antidote to the EDM stars he often plays alongside. That style comes to a head on 99.9%, Celestin's long-awaited debut album for XL, where he gears his classicist tendencies more towards head-nodding songs than dance floor fodder.

For a debut album from such a young artist, 99.9% is remarkably self-assured. It sets up Celestin as someone carving out his niche. He's a young artist with diverse taste and a wide knowledge of records, and the raw talent to work those influences into a unique sound.