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Jerk Boy ‎– JB Edits Number Two - natural selection vinyl records

Jerk Boy ‎– JB Edits Number Two

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JB Edits the edit project of Sydney, Australia based house DJ & producer Jerk Boy. Off the back of the success of his first release 'EP Number One' release which gained love and support from an array of DJs around the globe including The Black Madonna, Shir Khan (Exploited Records), Nightmares on Wax, Dave Mayer, Paco Osuna, Can "Khan" Oral, Chris Coco, Dom Servini (Wah Wah 45's), JEPE, Jacques Renault, Timmy Stewart, Giom, Guy Garrett, Erol Alkan, Beaner, Chrissy, Dasha Rush, Dustin Alexander, Moodymanc. Nikola Baytala, Holger Hecler to name but a few. Also after selling out of its first press in weeks across he's back with another 3 x track EP cut, pasted, scratched & sniffed affair not so aptly titled as 'EP Number Two'..... so we just decided to keep it chronological, genealogical and boogieological.