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James Holden ‎– DJ-Kicks - natural selection vinyl records

James Holden ‎– DJ-Kicks

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The emphasis on rock-tinged electronics (or is it electronic-tinged rock?) gives the mix an open, experimental air, and its fluidity makes it feel as much like a live show as it does a mix. Holden feels at home in this vernacular, and one hopes that the future will see more mixes incorporating this sort of material, which more often than not operates on the periphery of the DJ scene. Tracks 10-13 represent another deft stretch, starting with a snatch of "Auto Dimmer" by Black Dice's Eric Copeland which slips without warning into a remix of "Rauch" by MIT, with forceful, indecipherable singing and ecstatic chords. Neo-kosmische acolyte Arp's shimmering "Potentialities" fares just as well, fading into the clockwork minimalism of Lucky Dragon's "Open Melody."