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Hieronymus Dros ‎– The Age Of Hieronymus - natural selection vinyl records

Hieronymus Dros ‎– The Age Of Hieronymus

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Dros. That’s what people called me. But who is “Dros”? Just some bum like anyone else I guess. A nobody. I made beats for years and threw them into the ether to no avail. Staring for hours on end towards the man in the mirror and seeing nothing but a godless visage gleam back towards me. Horrifying.

But “Hieronymus Dros”. Now THAT’S a name. THAT’S a somebody. THAT’S the type of guy who’d be just dumb enough to believe he could make a jazz-funk album and just smart enough to pull it off. Well, that’s what I did.

*Note: Hieronymus Dros takes no responsibility for any cigarette habits formed, bank heists performed, turtle necks purchased, rooftop sniping acts of domestic terrorism, illegal gunfights, federal automobile pursuits or unprotected sexual encounters that may be perceived as being caused by the extensive play of the audio recordings on (but not limited to) "The Age Of Hieronymus" and all subsequently related materials.


Andrew “Dros” Allister - Production/Arrangement/Keys/Synths/Clav
Jay “J-zone” Mumford - Drum Breaks
Vanja Grastic - Guitar
Artem Zhulyev - Saxophone
Matt Giella - Trumpet
Nathaniel Wolkstein - Strings
Lino Gonzalez - Sitar
Reinaldo Ocando - Vibraphone
Leon Van Egmond - Harmonica
Adrian Norén - Organ
Bárbara Bolívar - Flute
Obadías Guerra - Harp
John Clayton - Mixing
Tony “Jack The Bear” Mantz - Mastering
Henneh Daniel - 3D modeling
Etienne Chaize - Cover Art