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Furious Frank ‎– Dream Of Love - natural selection vinyl records

Furious Frank ‎– Dream Of Love

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Global Skywatch founder Furious Frank known best after a handful of releases on Vector Works, Ken Oath, Rhythm Works and most significantly on Melbourne's own signature Butter Sessions Records with a split EP alongside DJ Dogg (aka DJ Fettburger) in 2017 turns a new leaf this year with 3 more upcoming label debuts in 2019.

This year we see the Adelaide-turned-Melbourne resident further develop his signature moody, acid-laced soundscapes into a more considered, aged-like transcendence - Welcoming Furious Frank as our latest addition to Paper-Cuts with 5 hand selected works from 2017-2019 produced, recorded and arranged in bedroom studios across Adelaide & Melbourne, complete with full sleeve design from label curator Dylan Batelic, the two's collaboration sees the final product's full physical encompassment for this limited 12" release.