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Funkadelic ‎– Let's Take It To The Stage - natural selection vinyl records

Funkadelic ‎– Let's Take It To The Stage

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Let's Take It to the Stage is a funk rock album.[2] The opening track, "Good to Your Earhole", features extensive guitar parts and a pronounced funk groove played by the rhythm section.[3] According to Funkadelic bandleader George Clinton, the guitar solo for "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" was performed by "a smack addict" guitar player who had found his way into the studio. He asked Clinton if he could play for some cash and proceeded to play "like he was possessed", soloing over the entire duration of the song. He received $50 for his efforts without Clinton ever learning his name.[4] In a July 2009 interview with Vintage Guitar, guitarist Paul Warren said that he played the solo.[5] Warren makes the same assertion on his website, The Paul Warren Project.[6]

The closing track "Atmosphere", which begins with a monologue by Clinton about "dicks and clits",[7] appropriates an extended organ coda from Johann Sebastian Bach.[8] "Get Off Your Ass and Jam" has been sampled on several hip hophits, including Brand Nubian's "Slow Down", Public Enemy's "Bring the Noise", and N.W.A's "100 Miles and Runnin'".