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Frankey & Sandrino ft. Ia Öberg ‎– Ways Of The Sun (Remixes) - natural selection vinyl records

Frankey & Sandrino ft. Ia Öberg ‎– Ways Of The Sun (Remixes)

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Frankey & Sandrino's "Ways Of The Sun", featuring Ia Öberg, was something like an underground hit in the winter of 2015/2016. Jimi Jules's remix flirts with dub and its beats and pitched-down vocals create a skanking house anthem. Another young promising man from Zurich is Manuel Fischer, his remix involves classic elements of Chicago and Detroit house. Vienna's wunderkind Peter Kruder delivers a sublime modern version of his very unique sound. Armitage delivers a rough old-school techno version. Well known people in the scene, it's no surprise that their remix is of purest connoisseur quality.