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DJ Spinna ‎– Adu-Redu - natural selection vinyl records

DJ Spinna ‎– Adu-Redu

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All Right Fresh is the imagination of two music lovers. A love of “what if” a favorite producer remade a favorite artist record with another favorite visual artist?! We’ve all wondered that, so, All Right Fresh! Always culture, rhythm refreaked, frequency fresh. This release refreaks the beauty that Sade has shown musically with the talents of the legendary DJ Spinna. “Crime” With Sade’s haunting vocal chants and the signature sounds of horns DJ Spinna employs, keeps that sultry feel while the galactic effects take us beyond the real. Head nods and dancing are the justice for this. The flip side, “War” brings peace with its chilled atmosphere. A masterful piano with a bubbling bass next to Ms. Adu’s voice is perfection. These records are must haves for any collection. With great music comes great appreciation.