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Dawn Again / Colkin ‎– Glyder Fawr - natural selection vinyl records

Dawn Again / Colkin ‎– Glyder Fawr

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Luv*Jam presents The Legend Of Gelert 3000.6 with two ambient dream house artists of the highest order; Melbourne’s ‘Dawn Again’ and Wuppertal’s ‘Colkin’. As we continue the descent down the 3000’s of the Snowdonia mountain range. 3000.6 is Glyder Fawr at 3279 ft (999m) and is the higher of the two Glyderau summits which is gained up a scree slope above Glyn Y Can (Lake of the Dogs). The exact highest point between Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach is a matter of debate and they are only a few metres apart so you might well want to touch them both and join the rucksack club as we wiggle down the mountain side.

Artwork is made with love for the local feral mountain goat population of Snowdon Massif, who were recently touted as bate by an idiotic hunting firm from across the borders by offering ‘the chance to shoot goats in the Welsh mountains for £1000’ yes you are reading this correctly... Protect our goats, protects our mountains, let this nomadic ancient breed run free and let our music take you to the niPPi peaks