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Chez-N Trent ‎– The KMS Remixes Vol. 1 - natural selection vinyl records

Chez-N Trent ‎– The KMS Remixes Vol. 1

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Kevin Saunderson's Detroit-based imprint celebrated its 25th Anniversary back in 2012, and the label's continued to cement its legacy with key vinyl reissues over the past couple of years. The recent campaign included Saunderson's Just Want Another Chance, the track which contains the "Reese" bassline—rivaled only by the Amen break as a formative element of drum & bass—as well as '90s releases from MK, Kreem (Saunderson's duo with Juan Atkins) and Chez (Damier) N (Ron) Trent. The two remix compilations dwell on Chez N Trent versions produced during the 1993 through 1995 period, when they released enduring originals like "Morning Factory" and "The Choice." Volume One contains remixes of Sonya Blade and Miller/Scott Project while the second EP includes Damier and Trent's versions of Kreem as well as Saunderson's seminal vocal house group, Inner City. Chez N Trent's takes on Naomi Daniel's "Feel The Fire" and Essar'ay's "Forces" are also included.