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Big Yawn ‎– No! - natural selection vinyl records

Big Yawn ‎– No!

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The various sides of Melbourne quartet Big Yawn fluctuate neatly across their debut full length ‘No!’.

Subtle dub techno delays combine with live drums on “Attaboi” to formally introduce their clear affectation for the motorik sounds of 70s Deutschland.

Previous single “Skinrat” curiously references off-rhythms and vocal cut ups a la late naughties UK bass music, while abstract jams such as “For Whomst” channel the adventurous live-and-direct sound of Golden Teacher and kindred experimentalist Inga Copeland.

Heavy low-end bass frequencies and twitches of dub fx permeate the LP, shades of post-punk and loopy minimal wave (“Doodle Damage”) contrasting with the more jagged dance orientated moments.

In opting to close ‘No!’ with their most expansive recording (“Body Double”), Big Yawn delve deeper into the tense and ritualistic atmospheres the prior tracks only hint at. The effect seems akin to a snapshot into their lengthy freestyle practice sessions; a process honed and refined here for the LP format.

Until their next outing, the relentless groove of “Anthem X” will keep hips swaying during those sweaty early morning club hours.