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ARTHUR RUSSEL - The world of - natural selection vinyl records

ARTHUR RUSSEL - The world of

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As the grave nature of his illness manifests, the earlier, earthly pleasure of his disco songs become as caterpillars, giving way to something more beautiful and elusive. Songs like "Schoolbell/Treehouse", "Let's Go Swimming" or "Go Bang" evolve into something ethereal and beyond rhythm. The enchanting melodies brought forth in the mid-80s on World of Echo (to finally be reissued this year) or Another Thought are formed from his fragile, luminescent voice and cello, these two components bathed in nebulae of infinite echo, suggesting a space loosed from gravity's grip. To hear the changeling voice of man and instrument move as one (as on "Treehouse") is to imagine a butterfly in flight: whimsically fluttering on bubble-gum beats, curlicues of noise, and petals of melody. He reveals organic patterns scarcely glimpsed or grasped before taking off yet again on light-seeking flight beyond this world. That some of that beauty is caught here is heavenly, indeed.